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Driven by passion to help others unlock their full potential and fully step into their power, find their soul purpose, and become limitless in their business, finances, and personal life. There are no limits to your success and the abundance you can call in and I show you how with proven strategies, mastering your mindset, & fully stepping into your power to become your higher self.

I guide you to curate a luxurious lifestyle that is tailor-made for you by creating balance in your business and personal life by mastering your millionaire identity through finding your true essence.

Helping you align with your highest self and understanding your brand archetype so you can operate from a place of purpose and fulfillment shining your true essence through the screen! Your true essence and evoking a feeling through the screen will call in your dream clients! This is how you hit million dollar plus years!.

Hi, I'm Mariel


Mariel â’¸, CEO of The Millionaire Mindset, is a trailblazing heart-led entrepreneur, visionary CEO, and transformational leader in the wealth mindset and business world. With an impressive background as an 8-figure, 8-time business owner of brick & mortar & e-commerce businesses in many different industries from finance to fashion, Mariel â’¸ has cultivated a wealth of experience and expertise that positions her at the forefront of the industry.

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The Millionaire Mindset?

The Millionaire Mindset goes far beyond the realm of helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses above high 6, 7, 8-figure years & beyond. The programs offered dive deep into the realms of personal transformation and empowerment, guiding you to understand your innate power, the significance of energy, and the crucial role of self-belief. Through Mariel's guidance, she fosters self-awareness, helps individuals find their soul purpose, and emphasizes that success has no timeline.

Mariel â’¸ has worked with executives across diverse industries, from financial and fitness, to hospitality and coaches, helping them scale their businesses from 6 to 9 figures. Her holistic approach transcends traditional business coaching, as she delves into mindset, energetics, embodiment, finding one's power, and discovering the true self.

There is no cap to your personal growth, mindset, income, and what you can learn to help grow your own business and your clients business. Mariel has invested over $500,000 in herself in personal development and worked 1:1 with a multi-billionaire mentor for the past 9 years so she can show up as the best, most knowledgeable version of herself to help guide you to the $10K, $50K, or $100K+ months you want to achieve.

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Explore the depths of your being and unlock the truest version of yourself. Imagine the thrill of reshaping your self-concept, elevating your self-esteem, and embracing the power of self-belief. Feel the surge of empowerment as you shed limiting beliefs and step into a reality where you are the architect of your destiny and limitless abundance is the new norm. Sculpt a self-concept that radiates confidence, authenticity, and the unwavering belief in your unique brilliance.

Within the depths of your mind lies an untapped reservoir of potential. Unlock its power through mindset work, understanding energetics, and embodying your true potential. Quantum leap into the extraordinary version of yourself—the one capable of achieving anything. Embrace your limitless potential. You are limitless you just have to remove the limitations you placed on your mind to expand to the next level - someone that can hit the 6-figure months you've been dreaming of! Let's make it your reality!

We will go over the structure, strategy, marketing, million dollar branding, content, offers, pricing, launch plan, visibility, sales process, positioning yourself as the authority, client experience, how to stand out in your industry, social media content plan, and how to attract aligned clients & make millions while turning your expertise into your income. Your business is an extension of your true essence! This will be custom to you.

Embodiment is crucial for clients who aspire to generate massive amounts of wealth because it goes beyond mere knowledge or skill acquisition. It involves integrating new beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors into one's very being, creating a profound and lasting transformation at a subconscious level. Unleashing Inner Potential: Embodiment taps into clients' untapped potential, enabling them to access and utilize their unique talents, strengths, and creativity to their fullest extent.

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$38,000 LAUNCH 🔥🚀💸

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$20,000 DAY 💅🏻💸

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$3,700 PIF & $5K PRESALE

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embody your 8-figure frequency

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for the ​entrepreneur ​desiring high ​proximity

mentorship ​READY TO SCALE ​TO multi-7-​FIGURES & ​beyond, based on ​my 8-figure ​framework ​methods from ​embodiment, ​mindset, money, ​frequency work, ​& strategy in a ​room of high ​level ​entrepreneuers ​that all feel ​called to take ​their business to ​the next level ​and beat the ​algorithm.

this is a one of a kind 12 month mastermind for you soar past 7-figures & shatter your wealth glass ceiling.

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